Masterclass English

119,00 voor 1 jaar

Want to learn everything about painting? Are you a painter already or have you
painted one of my online workshops? Then it is time to move on and learn
some more!
At first we start with the basics of a portrait and all kinds of materials. As the
journey continues we will paint all sorts of topics en try new techniques.
What can you expect?

  • Full HD video’s
  • Acces for a year ( you can renew)
  • Step by step explanation
  • Find your own style
  • Never feel uninspired again!

I’m talking and explaning to you as if you where standing right beside me.
You don’t need to be an artist to create the most amazing paintings. Just start.
Start and paint with me and you will be succesfull.
My English is not that good, but my painting is. Let me show you how it’s done
and let me help you be a creator too.